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Getting Real about Getting Real

It’s so meta!
Yesterday Getting Real Record celebrated it’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! The ladies of GRR had some celebratory drinks at Bloodhound, a bar in SOMA known for it’s laid back vibe and killer cocktails. I had the signature drink, “the bloodhound” — your choice of liquor (I chose gin of course), campari and grapefruit juice. It was deliciously pink with just the right amount of bitterness. Ramya went for “the recoil” – bourban, elderflower liqueur, and ginger beer. Also a winner. Bloodhound also has a lot to offer for the beer drinker, Katie’s stout was rich and creamy like my morning latte.

There is something about SOMA that makes me feel more like I’m in “the big city” than other parts of San Francisco. After we had a couple cocktails and parted ways I began walking to the train station and I felt invigorated. I had one of these moments where I realized the life I am living is actually much like the life I imagined for myself years earlier.  I remember in college watching Sex and the City and daydreaming about living in the big city and meeting my fabulous friends for happy hour after I leave my glamorous job wearing inconceivably high heels.

Ok it’s not exactly as I imagined it. For one, I’m not in New York City. (And just to clarify, I have been in love with New York since I was maybe 13, so this is not just a Sex and the City influence). The job falls short in the glamorous department and the hills in San Francisco aren’t too conducive to wearing sky-high heels, not to mention the weird looks you would get for being so “dressed up” for no apparent reason. But the important part is there. The friends. No matter what crazyness and stress comes with the work week, with dealing with bosses, boyfriends (who are the best really), parents (so loving), responsibilities, errands, LIFE, it’s amazing how making time for a little chat (and a cocktail or two) with your girls can really lift your spirits and put all that stress in perspective….or at least on hold til the buzz wears off. (kidding)

I walked along 6th street looking up at the fog enveloping the towering office buildings in the distance. I even imagined myself sitting in front of my laptop later that night with my head cocked to the side and my forehead scrunched up as I made the Carrie Bradshaw “I couldn’t help but wonder” face before I began writing this post. Then I looked down just in time to see a man squat down, drop his pants, and take a shit right there in the middle of the street. Bet you will never see that on an episode of Sex and the City. A little reminder that city living — much like everything else — in real life is a little less glamorous than on television.

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