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Getting Real about Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Alright, I am still struggling with the fact that it is now somewhat acceptable for my friends to get married. (By acceptable, I mean it isn’t just for my high school friends that got pregnant and/or stayed in small town Ohio and really had nothing better to do.) No, my friends are getting married …and some are even heading to Divorceland. Both of which upset me greatly but, for some reason, not nearly as much as much as the new trend of vow renewals.

Gone are the days when you celebrate the major milestones of marriage (10 years, 25, 50 , etc.) Even then, those parties simply exist because the first one was a BUST (the baby is coming in seven months, man is heading off to war, etc.) Now, I am getting invites from friends that had a perfect wedding several years ago and, because they’re bored, are forcing me to sit through another ceremony proving they have found love and it HASN’T GONE AWAY. Just a heads up, re-bride and re-groom: I plan on getting just as hammered at this ceremony.

As much as I want to be annoyed with my friends, I know they are simply following the celebrity trend. Anyone in Hollywood that has a marriage lasting over 64.2 days has reason to celebrate. Thanks, Heidi and Seal for setting the tone. We get it, after five years of marriage and five renewals later, you still like each other.

Ramona Singer couldn’t let her Real Housewives BFF, Bethenny Frankel have the full wedding spotlight. A few months before Bethenny’s big bash, Romona threw herself a party for making it to year 18. Couldn’t wait to make it a nice round number like 20, could you?!

And really, do we need to discuss the Jon and Kate debacle?

Well here’s to hoping that this trend dies as quickly as Americans speaking with a British accent. And, if not, brides please don’t wear white. You shouldn’t have the first time but now the jig is REALLY up.

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Getting Real about throwing the most epic hipster wedding ever

Weddings are all the rage right now. Katie posted about Chelsea’s star-studded nuptials this weekend. Marisha and I are headed to weddings next week. And it’s looking pretty good that gays in California will be headed down the aisle soon (insert glee here! no not that glee. this glee.).

But none of the weddings mentioned above have quite the hipster flair of the wedding depicted in this video. I’m talking ULTIMATE HIPSTER WEDDING. They even uploaded it to Vimeo – you don’t get more skinny jean than that.

Can you spot all of the hipster-y things in this video? Leave your “hipster hunt” finds in the comments. I’ll get the ball rolling:

  • Chuck T’s
  • Suspenders
  • Skinnier groom than bride

Your turn! Go!


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