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Getting Real about High School Athletics

Remember how people would live and die by their high school sports?

Remember how you wanted to wear the varsity tennis skirt instead of the raggedy JV ones which were often stained and didn’t fit right?

Remember how happy you were that it wasn’t you who scored a goal on your own team?

Remember being a freshman and having to share the locker room with the senior girls embarrassed to take your shirt off – so you would do this awkward sort of dance where you changed under a hooded sweatshirt?

Remember how you didn’t try out for Track and Field because if you did your hurdles race would have gone something like this…

I also very much enjoyed the Radiohead remix of this video

Thank you Ariana for sending these links my way!



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Getting Real with the WORLD SERIES CHAMPS

in case you weren’t in the lower haight tonight, here’s what you missed.  WORLD. SERIES. CHAMPS

thank you san francisco.


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Getting Real about ‘jumping on the bandwagon’




Game 5.  Giants lost but still have a chance at the world series.  Recently, my interest with this particular group of ballplayers has grown into a small obsession.  I forget that not everyone skips out of work at 4:00PM; the Walgreens by my office is decked out in Orange and Black for Halloween and not for Cody Ross; and the Giants haven’t been part of my weekly agenda or even part of my consciousness before three weeks ago.

I am what the diehards grudgingly call a fair weather fan.

But maybe it’s not as bad as everyone thinks.  I don’t think jumping on the bandwagon just because everyone else is doing it justifies a defense.  But what if you’re jumping onto something that holds a lot of excitement and integrity, and it’s worth getting into.  The Giants is such an interesting and talented group who play as a team, and it’s not just a couple players who are the all-stars with egos (well maybe Tim Lincecum, but I’m giving him the Lebron James pass).  This team is great.  I love that Aubrey Huff‘s wife bought him a red thong, and he wears it around the locker room to rally the team.  I love that Bruce Bochy has a nickname for every single player on his team.  I love that the pitchers all grew beards and dye them black for no apparent reason.  And I love that there’s a twitter feed direct from Brian Wilson’s beard.

I know that I didn’t struggle through the entire season and have not earned my right to be a Giants fan quite yet.  I haven’t suffered any post inning anxiety attacks nor have I any permanent sweat stains on my shirts from wearing them an entire series without washing because I didn’t want to ruin a winning streak.  But calm down all you diehard fans and try to relish that your beloved team is taking over hearts -and work time- of almost everyone in the Bay Area.  Not a bad thing at all.

Get ready for tomorrow!

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Getting Real about beating Ohio State

There’s a widely held opinion that you never really can go back to college.  I would like to present this video as proof that, on certain occasions, you most definitely can.  Look out for the :45 mark…

10/16/10 – Wisconsin knocks of the #1 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes at home.



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Getting Real about THE GIANTS!



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Getting Real about a party at Zito’s

i was hungover at work on Friday.  no explanation required, just setting the tone for this one.

my office-mate comes in, does some shit for awhile, then says to me,

“nate, you like the brewers right?”

“yeah.”  i really don’t want to be talking about anything right now, but i’m oddly intrigued that that we’re talking about baseball.

“i had dinner with this guy named ryan last night.  he said he plays for the brewers??  soo cute.”

OMFG.  first off, the mention of “plays for the brewers” is delivered in the same tone as if she said “works for yelp” and second, it’s RYAN fucking BRAUN.  i’m using a lot of caps today because i’m tired and i had to endure this.

i start yelling a series of loud sentence fragments.


our cfo comes out of his office and thinks i have turrets.  i apologize.

she proceeds to tell me that her friend is hooking up with chris dickerson (also a brewer) and they were all going to dinner.  no intros made beyond first names, she sits next to braun and some slutty model that he’s fucking from utah and listens to them talk about debilitating injuries (apparently a big fear of braun’s), brauns steakhouse(s), and green sports stadiums for about two hours. at one point she was apparently so bored she pulled out her phone to go check perez.  the best part?  neither professional athlete offers to pick up her $30 dollar dinner and she had throw down her debit card down next to braun’s black amex!!

my mind is blown at this point.  my coffee tastes like liquor.  she finishes the story by telling me that braun asked her how much a cab would be to marin. she told him $50 and asked why anyone would want to go out there at 11PM.  Apparently there’s a party at Zito’s… and she definitely wasn’t invited.

party at Zito's!


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