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Getting Real about Mariah Carey’s only good song AKA all we want for Christmas


In honor of Black Friday, the girls of GRR got together to create our “bitch, please no coal in the stocking” wish list for the 2010 holiday season. We’ve been reallllly good this year (kind of).

Flora’s picks:

Le Creuset pan (in Orange)

It came as no surprise to us that our resident gypsy chose this cookware, describing it as “magical”. May the new year bring numerous helpings of “magical” risotto to our plates.

Christian Louboutin Declic black pumps

“So high. So sexy. I could never wear these in San Francisco, but I’ve always wanted one pair of ridiculously expensive, impractical shoes.”

Ramya’s picks

Personalized stationery from Minted

“I have an obsession with stationery, especially fun, girly prints. Who says snail mail is a thing of the past? I adore getting mail that isn’t bills or catalogs.”

And yes, this Hindu-turned-agnostic still loves Christmas trees, wearing a Santa hat 24/7 and receiving presents in December.

Sony Bravia with Google TV

“Right now, our TV setup involves a receiver from Craigslist hooked up to a 26-inch computer monitor. It feels so 2003. A shiny flat-screen with seamless integration with the web is sorely needed.”

Ramya may be drinking a bit too much Goog-juice but the TV is really slim and pretty – the way we like our men.

Marisha’s picks

Michael Kors Wedges

In the immortal words of Carrie Bradshaw, “Hello lovers! These”

Vespa scooter

“If I was really, really good this year, I would ask Santa for this. But I wasn’t so I’ll shoot for it next year. Maybe even add a sidecar for my future yellow lab, Gus,” – Marisha

Marisha suitors of the internet, take heed — what she really wants is a yellow lab puppy in a basket with a bow on its head. You can also throw in a Bernese puppy for Katie.


Katie’s picks:
“OMFG is it going to be a sweet xmas if Santa brings me all or any of the items on my list.”

Hunter Wellies
“I have finally found my perfect rain boot, and obvi, they hail from my Royal ancestors in the United Kingdom.  If there’s one thing England has a good grasp on, besides a pint and shepherds pie, it is rain gear.  I am partial to the Original Tall Metallic in Midnight Blue.”


“Can’t wait to walk through a body scanner wearing these… “


What’s on your holiday wish list? Leave your picks in the comments.

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Getting Real about Lebron James leaving Cleveland

So another basketball season is upon us and it seems everyone is still talking about Lebron James’ decision to leave the Cleveland Cavs. Born and raised in the buckeye state  and personally witnessing Lebron wipe my hometown team across the court in high school, I definitely have my opinions about his departure for Miami. Sure, I agree when everyone says the Cavs were not much of anything pre-James and yes, he doesn’t owe the team/city anything. However, I can’t help but think “why did you leave the team that could pay you the most?” and “if you wanted to play against the best of the best, why did you join their team (if it isn’t about a ring)?”

Below is the latest video from other Ohioans in response to James’ recent Nike video.

Any thoughts? Do we need to get over it and realize he’s just not that into Cleveland?

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Getting Real about Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Alright, I am still struggling with the fact that it is now somewhat acceptable for my friends to get married. (By acceptable, I mean it isn’t just for my high school friends that got pregnant and/or stayed in small town Ohio and really had nothing better to do.) No, my friends are getting married …and some are even heading to Divorceland. Both of which upset me greatly but, for some reason, not nearly as much as much as the new trend of vow renewals.

Gone are the days when you celebrate the major milestones of marriage (10 years, 25, 50 , etc.) Even then, those parties simply exist because the first one was a BUST (the baby is coming in seven months, man is heading off to war, etc.) Now, I am getting invites from friends that had a perfect wedding several years ago and, because they’re bored, are forcing me to sit through another ceremony proving they have found love and it HASN’T GONE AWAY. Just a heads up, re-bride and re-groom: I plan on getting just as hammered at this ceremony.

As much as I want to be annoyed with my friends, I know they are simply following the celebrity trend. Anyone in Hollywood that has a marriage lasting over 64.2 days has reason to celebrate. Thanks, Heidi and Seal for setting the tone. We get it, after five years of marriage and five renewals later, you still like each other.

Ramona Singer couldn’t let her Real Housewives BFF, Bethenny Frankel have the full wedding spotlight. A few months before Bethenny’s big bash, Romona threw herself a party for making it to year 18. Couldn’t wait to make it a nice round number like 20, could you?!

And really, do we need to discuss the Jon and Kate debacle?

Well here’s to hoping that this trend dies as quickly as Americans speaking with a British accent. And, if not, brides please don’t wear white. You shouldn’t have the first time but now the jig is REALLY up.

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Getting Real about my weekend in SF

So it is officially Wednesday which means I am locking down my plans for the weekend. Unfortunately, the boy from last week has not called/texted so I think it is fair to assume my new phone is not broken and I can proceed with my standard girls weekend. (Don’t worry, I am not too upset since I did get a super-swanky dinner at Spruce and unknowingly ordered a super-swanky, er expensive, glass of  sauvignon blanc. I am just pissed that had I known our romance was going to last all of two days I didn’t go balls to the wall and order the beignets with chocolate dipping sauce for dessert. UGH!)

Anyhow, even with a lack of male loving, this weekend is shaping up quite nicely. I got an email this morning that finally the House of Air Trampoline Park is opening on Chrissy field. Basically, for $14 an hour (and $10 for every hour after that you want to test your stomach) you can jump around on 42 conjoined trampolines and ricochet off padded walls. Even though the thought of this kinda makes me nauseous, I am eagerly excited to test it out.

Next up, I will be heading over to Japantown to experience J-POP (not to be confused with the Jersey Shore‘s J-Woww). J-POP is described as sensory overload of everything Japanese popular culture (anime, ridiculous outfits with bedazzled medical masks and pop music).  Katie has already promised to take in the sights with me and buy something inappropriately stereotypical (that’s why we became friends).

Finally, I will be heading over to Davies Symphony to watch my favorite comedian (don’t judge me) Kathy Griffin. Nothing makes me laugh out loud quite like her  ridiculous celebrity trashing and constant mocking of Oprah, Ryan Seacrest and Paris Hilton.

Hope your weekends are shaping up just as nicely 🙂


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Getting Real about a Dancing Merengue Dog

So, I must admit my dogological clock is ticking and my heart melted when I saw this video. Until I get a better San Francisco landlord that allows me to adopt a dog, I am forced to watch cute dog videos. Enjoy!

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Getting Real about the Integrity of the Medley

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed several trends come in go in the pet peeves department. For example, I can no longer describe a cake as “moist” without sending shivers down my co-worker’s back or think a dog looks cute in a plaid jacket (or any outfit for that matter) without getting glares from my friends. As of late, I noticed a new pet peeve trend rearing its ugly head…destroying the integrity of the medley.

My friend Jamie coined this term several years back when he was annoyed with someone throwing of the proportions of some sort of mixture. Basically, anytime you have a medley or mixture with given proportions, you must maintain those proportions or you too run the risk of destroying the integrity of the medley. Last night, I was enjoying a delicious piece of prosciutto and arugula pizza at Delfina and went to grab and extra bite of meat off of the neighboring slice when Ramya screamed “don’t, you are going to ruin the integrity of the medley!” I was so shocked I released that delicious bit of meat, something I would never normally do. Then it occurred to me that my friend recently complained about an attentive waitress that was a bit too attentive with the coffee refills. “She is ruining my coffee/milk/sugar proportions every time she fills it up!”

When did this happen? When did we get so consumed with proportions that I can’t steal a few mozzarella balls from the Caprese salad without picking up one tomato in the lunch line? Have you noticed this too?

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Getting Real about a new phone

So after three years of owning one of the worst phones of all time, I am finally looking into an upgrade. It seems that everyone has an opinion on the best phone out there but two names keep popping up: HTC EVO 4g and iPhone 4. I started researching the differences, comparing plans and deciding what will work best for my work/play needs when I came across this little gem of a video. Of course, in the short time it has been out, many other similar spoofs have been added for the iPhone lovers.  Enjoy!

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Getting Real about Lonny Magazine

Sorry I have been away so long! I have been busy in my hometown of Massillon, Ohio with my mom’s 60th and going to bingo with my 90 yr old grandma (seriously).  I will be posting pictures of my trip soon! In the meantime, look what popped up in my inbox this week, the new edition of Lonny Magazine. I love flipping through the pages and dreaming of what I would do if I had more money and didn’t live in a 300 sq foot basement box, er, apartment.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Getting Real about the Renegade Craft Fair!

Hello blog world! Just a quick note to let you know where Katie and I will be this Saturday morning (right, Katie?!). The Renegade Craft Fair  is coming to SF and I am super excited! I always wanted to be the crafty, Martha-type but I am just not. And I am ok with that. Especially since I get to admire true crafters and buy lots of fun things (that I probably don’t need). Can’t wait to post pictures next week!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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