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Getting Real about Cheetos & Cheeseballs


Q: What do you get when you cross a multiracial children’s choir, sparkly mock turtlenecks and the only person Al Gore could have defeated in the 2004 Presidential election?

only xxxl t-shirts for these unfortunate children


I left the set of General Hospital to say 3 lines at the Oscars

A: Oh the 2011 Academy Award snoozefest…

I wanted to like it but I just didn’t.  Am I wrong here?  There were way too many attempted moments lost on me to count, but I’ll try below:

1. Where was Ricky Gervais? (Waiting for Superman)

2. Can I get a redo starring Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin? (Hello Emmys)

3. Who was the hysterical old guy with the cane who presented Melissa Leo with her Supporting Actress award and why was he not given more airtime? (#Viagra)

4. The sexual tension between Justin Timberlake aka Banksy and Mila Kunis is killing me.  Loved her dress btw.

5. Those were the 4 best songs of the year – REALLY?

6. Was I the only one left wondering where the cast of Glee was during all this? (See number 2)

7. Props to Rachel Zoe who kept me watching, it didn’t matter what Anne or Franco had to say, because it wasn’t much, just give me more dresses, k thanks.

8. Producers sink to new low with Franco in drag and a random autotune remix of Ron Weasley and Jacob without a shirt (fyi – Twilight was not nominated and this is not the MTV movie awards or is it?).

9. Um did I just blink and see Obama on the screen?! (And the Oscar in editing goes to…)

10. The King’s Speech speech playing over all the nominee clips – pretty much took the guessing out of anything.  Booorrrringgg.  Like when Natalie Portman told us who the father was.

11. 5th Graders singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  Hello Cheese, Cheesy, Cheeseballs and Firey Hot Cheetos.  Can I get hot sauce on those?

12.  Oh yeah, my madelines were fucking incredible.  Night y’all.


WINKLEVOSS!!! Note: Just found out Armie Hammer is not actually a twin







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Getting Real about Starbucks and Big Shades


And we all remember Madison’s take on the “Pursuit of Jappiness”


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Getting Real about living in Portland

Portland – you probably don’t know that much about it.  Maybe you’ve considered visiting one day, but then thought about how much more fun it would be to go to Costa Rica.  I recommend letting IFC take you there.  At least on a tour of the city’s stereotypes with guides Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of Sleater Kinney fame.  Be sure to stay long enough to see Steve Buscemi in the Women & Women Bookstore.

Fridays @ 10:30pm

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Getting Real about eye contact with Matt Damon

Tell me where it hurts

Are you going to be in San Francisco this weekend?

Do you enjoy a well-catered lunch?

How are you at faking infectious disease symptoms?

What if Dr. Matt Damon was curing your infectious disease while Dr. Jude Law was giving you a lung transplant?

Oh and the only thing on your calendar from February 9th – 19th is watching Kathie Lee and Hoda on NBC




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RETRACTION: Getting Real about the Oscar countdown

UPDATED 1/18/2011:  The Illusionist is not something anyone should ever pay to see.  Take my word for it.  And no one in the Academy will vote for it, not even Sony.

From the creators of the Triplets of Belleville comes the Illusionist – please note Christian Bale and Ed Norton do not make any appearances.

Currently the film is only in limited release – because animated features not Pixar or Dreamworks related freak distributors out.

The Illusionist is up for Best Animated Feature at Sunday’s Golden Globes but this little film is more concerned with beating out Toy Story 3 for the Oscar in February.

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Getting Real about the best blogs you are not reading


GRR's first annual bloggers retreat is upon us!


As GRR prepares for our first annual bloggers conference in Napa this weekend we wanted to give a few shout-outs to other bloggers and favorite websites who inspire us and offer up endless hours of entertainment when our desk jobs fall short.

It’s time to update your google reader account with a few of the below

For Foodies : smitten kitchen; What Katie Ate; the Kitchn; the Wednesday Chef; Foodzie

When planning your next dirty weekend : airbnb

Music: muzzleofbees (wisco-chicago indie scene); thebaybridged (sf indie coverage); pitchforkreviewsreviews; hipsterrunoff (i ❤ Carles)

Design:; The Neo-Traditionalist; The City Sage; Oh Happy Day; Coco + Kelley; Elements of Style; Plush Palate; Abbey Goes Design Scouting; Decor8; A Cup of Joe – Marisha is it possible for you to read more home design blogs?

Wedding : Snippet & Ink; The Bride’s Cafe; Style Me Pretty; Weddingbee

Fashion : Refinery29; TAVI (damn you and your front-row runway seats)

Hollywood : Nikki Finke




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Getting Real about Mr. Bill

You should know that 2011 will be the year I critique the SF Michelin guide 2011.

Interested in finding the most authentic Thai food in the Bay Area I decided Khan Toke Thai House was a good place to start.


Anish must have said something funny

Overall GRR rating: 9.2

price: $76 before tip for 4 people – 2 apps – 3 entrees – 4 drinks – 1 dessert

dislike: female waitress wasn’t that interested in telling you what you were ordering, she was pretty though

likes: DECOR WAS AMAZING – best woodcuts I’ve seen since the wave woodblock at the Legion of Honor.  Also you take your shoes off at the door.  Your table is surrounded by floor cushions.  You feel like you are on a house boat.  Dishes are beautiful.  Everything and I mean everything is engraved.  They now serve brown rice.  Fried corn cakes taste like McDonald’s french fries.  Across the street from a coffee shop called “LOL”.  I could go on.

crowd: people that speak quietly and live nearby (outer Richmond)

re-visit potential:  100% guaranteed

bonus:  A male waiter brought out our dessert of fried bananas with coconut ice cream and introduced him as “Mr. Bill” with no explanation.


IT'S MR. BILL - He was delicious!



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Getting Real about bruising the gin martini

It was my clean-shaven, well-moisturized bartender at Swank Cocktail Club who fist introduced me to bruised gin.

I would have never have entered the Swank Cocktail Club on Presidio and California had it not been for “The Girl in her Grandmother’s Mink” (my female inspiration for 2011).  But it was a Wednesday night, I had just recovered from a cold and had not yet eaten dinner.  So I why not drink about it and order a dirty martini with extra olives?

Swank is attached (sort of) to the Laurel Inn, a 2011 Michelin rated boutique hotel within stumbling distance of my apt.  The scene is set with a beautiful mid-century style fireplace lighting the cozy bar.  The place was empty except for a woman in a Eames Lounge not wearing shoes, clearly a few cocktails in stroking her partners inner thigh.  Mad Men season 2 was also playing on multiple flat screens.

I already wanted a cigarette.

My Absolute dirty martini was the perfect combination of salty crisp.  My drinking buddy ordered a Tanqueray martini.  After the gin had already been shaken and poured the bartender apologized for bruising the drink.  When I asked about it there is apparently a difference in the taste of a gin martini that has been shaken with ice vs. stirred with ice.

Try it you may be surprised.

  • 3 ounces gin
  • Dry vermouth
  • Green olives or twist of lemon peel

Swank Cocktail Club - the martini - a supreme American gift to world culture

Overall GRR rating: 6.5

total bill: $32 for 3 expertly made martinis

dislike: price

likes: drinking with Don Draper by the fireplace

crowd: cougarish out-of-towners and dudes with briefcases

re-visit potential: not likely but I could totes see Tarantino filming a scene where Samuel L. Jackson serves an underage Saoirse Ronan as they discuss the new Keith Richards biography when another patron (Penelope Cruz) gets up from a rear-facing Eames and shoots Jackson in the face.

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Getting Real about 2011

We might be a week late and it may have been a month since our last post but GRR is very excited for the year ahead.

Maybe I welcomed the new year with a crippling sinus headache in Truckee while watching everyone else down Smoking Loon but I did enjoy a interesting period of self reflection while skiing down Alpine Meadows wiping a constant stream of snot with my panda hat.

This week I heard an inspiring New Year’s story that I now refer to as “The Girl in her Grandmother’s Mink” and have since decided to live my life more like her … at least on the weekends.

Cheers to a New Year!


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Getting Real about your Christmas playlist


possibly the greatest Christmas album ever

Top Christmas songs to include at your holiday party this year.

1.  Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas is You

2.  N’Sync – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

3.  98 degrees – This Gift

4.  The Drifters – I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

5.  Harry Connick Jr. – (It Must Have Been Ol’) Santa Claus

6.  Brenda Lee – Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

7.  Wham! – Last Christmas (Greatest Christmas music video EVER!)

8.  Hootie & the Blowfish – Christmas Song

9.  Madonna – Santa Baby

10.  Leighton Meester (BLAIR!) – Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

11.  Zooey Deschanel & Will Farrell – Baby It’s Cold Outside

“Hi this is Buddy the Elf what’s your favorite color?”


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