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Getting Real about painting your apartment – take 2

Last week I was having minor anxiety attacks after painting my kitchen bright orange.  But after a few days and several vodka tonics the roller rink feel really started to grow on me, now I can’t imagine my kitchen any other color.  The walls still needed a little something extra but I didn’t want to just cover up the color by hanging a bunch of random kitchen kitsch

So I started searching for wall clocks.  I knew I wanted several clocks and I didn’t want two of the same.  My plan was to set each clock to a different timezone representing a place near and dear to my heart.  I ended up with four different retro clocks and stacked them on top of each other.  I like the idea of the clocks you see at the bank, but I wanted bursts of calculated color.  I purchased all my clocks on the cheap (not one clock cost me over $30 with shipping) at amazon, target, and a new website I stumbled upon

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Getting Real about painting your apartment

Autumn Cover, Little Falls, and Golden Orchard

These were the colors I envisioned for my new apartment.

Saturday afternoon I headed to Cole Hardware with a mission and I was rudely awakened by a few things.

1. Paint is freaking expensive!

2. Groupon totally scammed me!

I don’t know who Benjamin Moore is but he has absolutely no right to be charging over $40 for a gallon of paint.  A friendly Cole Hardware employee suggested using Ace brand paint which came to half the cost of Benjamin Moore and the colors matched almost perfectly.  While checking out I handed over a Cole Hardware Groupon I had purchased a few weeks ago which would have saved me $20.  The Cole Hardware Groupon said it was redeemable at all Cole Hardware locations although the cashier said my Groupon serial number was only valid at the 4th Street location in SOMA.  I thought the nice people at Cole Hardware would make an exception for my Groupon which clearly stated redeemable at all locations, but no, I did not receive $20 off my paint.  I left Cole Hardware with a very bitter taste in my mouth.

Once I started painting I completely forgot about my Groupon mishap and how much money I had just spent on painters tape.  Something about taking a roller of orange paint to a white wall makes me really happy 🙂

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What do you think?  Is it too much?  Do I paint over with something a little more subtle?


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