Meet the GRR Blogger(s)

Getting Real Record started off as a joint venture between 4 friends living in the bay area. Basically it was an excuse to have “blog meetings” aka go to fancy dinners and spa getaways, and also insert getting real into every email correspondence between us. After a year of getting real, we are parting ways (strictly in an internet presence sense). But don’t worry, we haven’t left you completely.


Still Keepin’ It Real Right Here

Flora. Due to the mischievous look in her eye, her attraction to shiny things, and her slight resemblance to the Disney character Esmeralda, she is often mistaken for a gypsy. When she is not busy casting spells, Flora can be found searching the Tenderloin for the hot new restaurant, working on her dance moves, drinking americanos, and randomly bursting into song when the feeling strikes. And it strikes often. Hits from the 80’s are her specialty.


GRR Founders & Former Contributors

Katie. Bored with TV programming in July, Katie decided to inform her bestest girlfriends they were starting a blog.  When she’s not baking  Strata or reading Vanity Fair she’s usually trolling the neighborhood for Sadie, the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy that lives down the street.  You can also find her trading Belmont Casino chips for Miller High-Life in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

Check out Katie’s latest project here:

Ramya. Ramya, a New York native, likes her bagels with lox, her pizza slices foldable and her men sarcastic. When she’s not watching YouTube videos, she’s probably watching Murder She Wrote.

Keep up with Ramya’s musings and adventures here:

Marisha. Marisha is known for her tendencies to disappear at the bar, her extensive collection of sweater sets, her shiny blond locks, her affinity for sausage at odd hours of the night, and her love of men with thick necks. When she’s not watching college football and shopping online, she is filming Pantene Pro-V  commercials.

Marisha has fled the bay for Chicago, where the corn-fed, thick-necked men await around every corner and you can still get a pitcher of beer for under $10. Her hair is still as shiny as ever.

4 responses to “Meet the GRR Blogger(s)

  1. You have some funny stuff on here, ladies. Or is it “dames?” One never knows.

  2. Thomas Claridge

    Wanted to let you know that I think your blog is a great and enjoy reading your articles.
    I also wanted to invite you to tweet about your blog for free with my website


  3. Sassy Cassie, Sassafrass, Sass

    Love it ladies! Keep up the quirky, hilarious and thought-provoking blogplooza!

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