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Getting Real about awards season 2011

Maybe it is the fact that I am actually interested in upcoming theatrical releases versus Netflix “watch it now” and the travel channel.  It could also be the Mrs. Beasley’s baskets that have started to pour in and will inevitably lead to my wearing a size up from now until January.  Maybe it is all the “for your consideration” ads taking over my screen on .  And there is also a direct correlation to Trader Joe stocking candy cane JoJos and my waking up early to open the advent calendar.  PEOPLE AWARDS SEASON IS UPON US!!!

Pull out your Zac Posen and Carolina Herrera and start learning to love lemon juice and cayenne pepper cleanses

Let’s look at our calendar shall we.

TUESDAY November 30th:  Indie Spirit nominations announced – I’m always interested to read about the films I have never heard particularly the ones made by some kid with a flip cam for $10,000

FRIDAY December 10th:  Golden Globe nominations close

MONDAY December 13th:  Screen Actors Guild nominations close – this is where every actor in the Guild votes for themselves a la the duets episode of Glee

FRIDAY January 14th:  Oscar nominations close – the major PR players are making sure every person casting their vote has seen their client’s performance at least three times

SUNDAY January 16th:  GOLDEN GLOBES – it’s really only about the clothes and a good Rachel Zoe meltdown

TUESDAY January 25th:  Oscar nominations announced – this is when I show up 3 hours late to the office

SUNDAY January 30th:  Screen Actors Guild Awards – industry prom king and queen are announced

SUNDAY February 13th:  BAFTA Awards – Hollywood’s attempt to humor the UK Film Industry

TUESDAY February 22nd:  Oscar voting polls close

SATURDAY February 26th:  Indie Spirit Awards

SUNDAY February 27th:  OSCARS – hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway – I’m not overwhlemed both are nice to look at, frankly I’m just happy it is not Betty White


Best Pic: The King’s Speech – The Social Network – 127 Hours – Black Swan – The Kids Are Alright – Toy Story 3 – The Fighter – Winter’s Bone

Best Director: Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) – Danny Boyle (127 Hours) – Tom Hopper (King’s Speech) – David Fincher (The Social Network)

Best Actor: James Franco (127 Hours) – Colin Firth (King’s Speech) – Mark Wahlberg (The Fighter) – Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network)

Best Actress: Annett Bening (The Kids Are Alright) – Natalie Portman (Black Swan) – Nicole Kidman (Rabbit Hole) – Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) – Julianne Moore (The Kids Are Alright)

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Getting Real about Mariah Carey’s only good song AKA all we want for Christmas


In honor of Black Friday, the girls of GRR got together to create our “bitch, please no coal in the stocking” wish list for the 2010 holiday season. We’ve been reallllly good this year (kind of).

Flora’s picks:

Le Creuset pan (in Orange)

It came as no surprise to us that our resident gypsy chose this cookware, describing it as “magical”. May the new year bring numerous helpings of “magical” risotto to our plates.

Christian Louboutin Declic black pumps

“So high. So sexy. I could never wear these in San Francisco, but I’ve always wanted one pair of ridiculously expensive, impractical shoes.”

Ramya’s picks

Personalized stationery from Minted

“I have an obsession with stationery, especially fun, girly prints. Who says snail mail is a thing of the past? I adore getting mail that isn’t bills or catalogs.”

And yes, this Hindu-turned-agnostic still loves Christmas trees, wearing a Santa hat 24/7 and receiving presents in December.

Sony Bravia with Google TV

“Right now, our TV setup involves a receiver from Craigslist hooked up to a 26-inch computer monitor. It feels so 2003. A shiny flat-screen with seamless integration with the web is sorely needed.”

Ramya may be drinking a bit too much Goog-juice but the TV is really slim and pretty – the way we like our men.

Marisha’s picks

Michael Kors Wedges

In the immortal words of Carrie Bradshaw, “Hello lovers! These”

Vespa scooter

“If I was really, really good this year, I would ask Santa for this. But I wasn’t so I’ll shoot for it next year. Maybe even add a sidecar for my future yellow lab, Gus,” – Marisha

Marisha suitors of the internet, take heed — what she really wants is a yellow lab puppy in a basket with a bow on its head. You can also throw in a Bernese puppy for Katie.


Katie’s picks:
“OMFG is it going to be a sweet xmas if Santa brings me all or any of the items on my list.”

Hunter Wellies
“I have finally found my perfect rain boot, and obvi, they hail from my Royal ancestors in the United Kingdom.  If there’s one thing England has a good grasp on, besides a pint and shepherds pie, it is rain gear.  I am partial to the Original Tall Metallic in Midnight Blue.”


“Can’t wait to walk through a body scanner wearing these… “


What’s on your holiday wish list? Leave your picks in the comments.

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Getting Real about High School Athletics

Remember how people would live and die by their high school sports?

Remember how you wanted to wear the varsity tennis skirt instead of the raggedy JV ones which were often stained and didn’t fit right?

Remember how happy you were that it wasn’t you who scored a goal on your own team?

Remember being a freshman and having to share the locker room with the senior girls embarrassed to take your shirt off – so you would do this awkward sort of dance where you changed under a hooded sweatshirt?

Remember how you didn’t try out for Track and Field because if you did your hurdles race would have gone something like this…

I also very much enjoyed the Radiohead remix of this video

Thank you Ariana for sending these links my way!



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Getting Real about what I learned in college

You’ve had a bit too much to drink and there’s no place open past 4 AM in Shelbyville OR West Haverbrook. Have no fear. It’s time to prepare the ultimate plate of nachos.

What do you call cheese that's not yours?

This blogger recommends stocking your cupboards (no, people under the age of 80 do use the term cupboards) at all times with the following ingredients just in case: tortilla chips, jalapenos, Mexican blend cheese (industrial size). Salsa, sour cream and guac are nice-to-haves. Things to avoid: these rookie mistakes when assembling your midnight snack:

1. Making the perfect plate of nachos is just like getting dressed in San Francisco – it’s all about the layers. The bald chip is simply unacceptable. Nobody wants to see that shit so take great care to spread one thin layer of chips, then cheese, then chips, then cheese. Repeat, repeat, repeat until you have a towering mound

2. Another amateur mistake is skimping on the cheese. To avoid this, first put on the amount of cheese you think you need. Then double it. Let’s face it – you can never have too much cheese on the chip. And if you wanted to eat healthy, you’d be chewing arugula.

3. Spread the jalapenos excessively. If you don’t like spice, this Indian girl recommends you stop reading this blog right now. Because this blog is SPICY.

4. Take care to put any fixins’ – salsa, sour cream, guac – on the side of the plate rather than on top of the chips so as not to soggify the goods. Better yet, use ramekins because they are adorable and will remind you of eating at T.G.I. Fridays.

Happy na-chewing!


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Getting Real about the longest day of my life

This song /video has been the only thing keeping me going to today

So ready for a drink… and to dance to Katy Perry


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Getting Real about Lebron James leaving Cleveland

So another basketball season is upon us and it seems everyone is still talking about Lebron James’ decision to leave the Cleveland Cavs. Born and raised in the buckeye state  and personally witnessing Lebron wipe my hometown team across the court in high school, I definitely have my opinions about his departure for Miami. Sure, I agree when everyone says the Cavs were not much of anything pre-James and yes, he doesn’t owe the team/city anything. However, I can’t help but think “why did you leave the team that could pay you the most?” and “if you wanted to play against the best of the best, why did you join their team (if it isn’t about a ring)?”

Below is the latest video from other Ohioans in response to James’ recent Nike video.

Any thoughts? Do we need to get over it and realize he’s just not that into Cleveland?

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Getting Real about scented candles

Who doesn’t love the smell of sugar cookies – apple pie – strawberry cheesecake – or cinnamon strudel?

I enjoy lighting a delicious scent when I am about to sit down and watch endless hours of Real Housewive re-runs while eating an assortment of desserts.

A gift shop just isn’t a gift shop without the selection of “Fall Harvest”, “First Snow”, “First Rain”, or “Summer Peach” candles.

Frankly, I’m not sure who is buying an abundance of scented candles or why anyone needs to give candles as gifts.

But never, and I mean NEVER have I been more intrigued to smell…let alone purchase this amazing new find…

…and don’t even begin to ask why I was on White Castle’s website.


GET EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT - White Castle scented candles


Can you pick up the onion and fake meat notes on this?

**It should also be noted that net proceeds from this $13 candle will be donated to support Autism Speaks.


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Getting real about cute overload

Here are three cute things I’ve seen lately. Your friends may reference these in weekend conversation. You can thank me in the comments for keeping you socially relevant.

Cute, confused owl:

Cute puppy mid-nightmare:

Cute banana cat or Klan member. You decide:

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Getting Real about a GREAT day for democracy


Legaliza La Marihuana


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Getting Real with the WORLD SERIES CHAMPS

in case you weren’t in the lower haight tonight, here’s what you missed.  WORLD. SERIES. CHAMPS

thank you san francisco.


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