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Getting Real about rights (or lack thereof) for migrant farm workers

Stephen Colbert testified before Congress today speaking as an “expert” on the intensity of farm labor after working one day in the bean fields of upstate New York.

His opinion of migrant workers stealing American jobs was simply stated as “I don’t want a tomato picked by a Mexican — I want it picked by an American, then sliced by a Guatemalan, and served by a Venezuelan in a spa where a Chilean gives me a Brazilian.”

USA No. 1

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Getting Real about ‘The Social Network’

So earlier this week I was standing in the coffee shop near my work anxiously waiting for my americano when I saw fliers for a free early screening of The Social Network (with a cast Q&A to follow). While I had little interest in seeing the movie, they had me at ‘free’. I didn’t really have any expectations going in, although I did get pretty excited when I saw Jesse Eisenburg standing outside the theater doors and couldn’t help but stare at him (actively suppressing the urge to says something stupid) while I was getting padded down by security. I looked around eagerly for JT, but alas he was not there. He was probably too busy shopping with Jessica Biel and making guest appearances on SNL, whatevs.

Celebrity sightings aside, the movie itself was really well done. The plot moves seamlessly between Zuckerburg’s coinciding court depositions (he was at once being sued by his best friend, and his classmates who claimed he has stolen the idea for facebook from them) to scenes recounting the events leading up to the hearings. Highlights include:

The writing — the dialogue is razor sharp and chock-full of witty quips that had me actually laughing out loud. (Movie) Zuckerburg sure is an asshole, but hey, assholes can be pretty funny (in an asshole kind of way).

Great cast of mostly newcomers —
Jesse Eisenburg being a definite stand out. We knew he was good at playing the socially awkward teen and the rambling nerd (the two often times overlapping) but this performance takes it to a new (much more nuanced) level. Sorry Michael Cera, a career can only last so long playing plain old awkward, I think you peaked with Arrested Development.

Trent Reznor’s original score lends each scene the perfect amount of intensity.

The geek factor — scenes where programmers are doing competitive coding while taking shots every 3 minutes, and also what movie about math/programming/science is complete without a scene where the main character is working out an algorithm on a window sill. Don’t these people own whiteboards? Notebooks? No? Ok.

The opening scene — really exposes Mark Zuckerbug’s insecurities and (arguably) his motivations, and most notably his utter lack of social graces. It was a rapid fire of one cringe-worthy remark after the other culminating in his girlfriend calling him an asshole and walking away.

So the question arises, is Mark Zuckerburg really that big of an asshole? Zuckerberg is obviously not thrilled about the release of the movie and “coincidentally” will be making a rare public appearance on Oprah that same day to make a 100 million dollar donation to Newark’s public schools. Can somebody say publicity stunt?

After the screening Alan Sorkin was asked about the truth factor and responded that all content in the movie is based on well documented, true events except for the little details and exchanges between characters (or people) where there is no way of knowing what actually occurred. It was not his intention to have the audience side with any particular character, though it was hard to feel sympathy for Zuckerberg until the very last scene. Sorkin notes that it’s in this scene that Zuckerberg’s character goes from being the anti-hero to the tragic hero. However this scene, the one and only time we witness a vulnerable side of Zuckerberg as he sits alone after the deposition is over, also happens to fall into the category of details Sorkin had to have made up because he had no way of knowing what actually occurred. So it’s quite possible to leave the movie theater believing Zuckerberg in fact is a gigantic ass. Tragic indeed.

I guess that’s Hollywood -1 , Zuckerberg – 0 (plus 23 billion that is).

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Getting Real about the michael cera school for acting

Now accepting applications…

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Getting Real about a party at Zito’s

i was hungover at work on Friday.  no explanation required, just setting the tone for this one.

my office-mate comes in, does some shit for awhile, then says to me,

“nate, you like the brewers right?”

“yeah.”  i really don’t want to be talking about anything right now, but i’m oddly intrigued that that we’re talking about baseball.

“i had dinner with this guy named ryan last night.  he said he plays for the brewers??  soo cute.”

OMFG.  first off, the mention of “plays for the brewers” is delivered in the same tone as if she said “works for yelp” and second, it’s RYAN fucking BRAUN.  i’m using a lot of caps today because i’m tired and i had to endure this.

i start yelling a series of loud sentence fragments.


our cfo comes out of his office and thinks i have turrets.  i apologize.

she proceeds to tell me that her friend is hooking up with chris dickerson (also a brewer) and they were all going to dinner.  no intros made beyond first names, she sits next to braun and some slutty model that he’s fucking from utah and listens to them talk about debilitating injuries (apparently a big fear of braun’s), brauns steakhouse(s), and green sports stadiums for about two hours. at one point she was apparently so bored she pulled out her phone to go check perez.  the best part?  neither professional athlete offers to pick up her $30 dollar dinner and she had throw down her debit card down next to braun’s black amex!!

my mind is blown at this point.  my coffee tastes like liquor.  she finishes the story by telling me that braun asked her how much a cab would be to marin. she told him $50 and asked why anyone would want to go out there at 11PM.  Apparently there’s a party at Zito’s… and she definitely wasn’t invited.

party at Zito's!


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Getting Real about your fall TV lineup

"Nice try Peggy, I want 18 new ideas on my desk tomorrow morning"

Sunday: You better be watching Mad Men on AMC season 4 opened with Don Draper telling a reporter “I’m from the Midwest. We’re taught it’s impolite to talk about yourself”.

What I love to hate on: Rubicon on AMC b/c the name alone is ridiculous.

stop interrupting Mad Men with sneak previews already

What I want to check out: Boardwalk Empire on HBO a Prohibition-era political drama produced by Martin Scorsese starring one of my heros Steve Buscemi.

the highly produced set of Boardwalk Empire

Monday: You are obvi already watching Gossip Girl on CW and how could you not when last year’s season finale ended with Chuck getting shot and Georgina Sparks showing up at Dan’s house pregnant

What I love to hate on: ABC’s Dancing with the Stars new season starts!  I have to at least catch the Hoff’s first dance.

What I want to check out:  Lone Star on Fox about a man who leads 2 lives in Texas.  1 where he is married and belongs to a wealthy oil family and another 400 miles away where, surprise surprise he is poor with an annoying girlfriend.  The reviews have been good for the pilot.

Lone Star on Fox

Tuesday: GLEE GLEE GLEE GLEE GLEE GLEE – new character John Stamos plays Emma’s dentist and takes her out on a date.  I’ve already heard the opening number will be Jay-Z’s New York starring either Rachel or Mercedes as Alicia Keys

Can't Wait to buy all the soundtracks!

What I love to hate on but will Tivo anyways and watch over the weekend: The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo

I hope she starts eating this season

Wednesday: MODERN FAMILY on ABC – oh how I have missed Phil

Thursday: The return of my favorite 30 ROCK, followed by The Office, and if I’m feeling really ambitious might even check out Outsourced all on NBC

What I want to check out: My Generation on ABC – I’ve heard the pilot is not great but I’m still intrigued.  Shot docu style about a group of 20somethings 10 years after their high school graduation

Saved by the Bell - the "20something" years

What will probably get cancelled after 2 weeks:  $..! My Dad Says on CBS another 20something writer moves back home with his parents.  Apparently the pilot is just awful.

thank you twitter for making this show possible

Friday and Saturday: I might actually get off the couch

Sunday September 26th: This night however will be reserved for the season 2 premier of my favorite new find from last year Bored to Death on HBO.  Ted Danson plays a stoner magazine editor and column writer Jason Schwartzman in a perpetual state of writers block moonlights as a detective who advertises on craigslist.

out to solve the next big case


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Getting Real about fall fashion trends

As New York fashion week comes to a close today, let’s examine some of the trends that we have seen (more specifically the trends that I’m personally excited about).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1. Metalics — more specifically gold. aka bejeweled. if nothing else shiny and sparkly which makes my eyes so very happy.

2. Menswear for chics — the boyfriend sweater (everybody loves it), a tailored blazer (pulls together an outfit instantly)

3. Minimalism. Black is the new black, yes that’s right. Black will never go out of style. It’s simple, it’s elegant, it goes with every skin tone and hair color and it’s slimming. In addition to a little black dress, I’d highly recommend, a little black sweater, a little black jacket, a little black blouse, and a little black v-neck tee.

4. 50’s inspired clothing – long pencil skirts and hourglass silhouettes (yes, although you may not see it watching the models on the runway many women actually have curves…and boobs and enjoy clothing that is tailored to accommodate that). Thank you Christina Hendricks.

5. Purple make-up — yeah so anyone that knows me, knows that I often like to match my eye make up to my outfit and as it turns out I have a lot of purple shirts.

6. “I don’t care” hair
— I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this look to come into fashion, I knew if I waited long enough, people would see the charm in the look that says ‘my hair hasn’t seen a comb in days and maybe I slept on it and maybe it’s a bit frizzy and perhaps I just got caught in a windstorm’. Shiny and sleek has never been my thing. The funny thing is that I know now magazines will be writing articles about how to style your hair to look like you “don’t care”. Trust me, it’s easier to just not care, and the look will be achieved all on it’s own.

And of course there is the saying, “out with the old, and in with the new” so I will take a moment to mention trends I’m ready to NEVER SEE AGAIN.

1. Shirt dresses — over them, maybe because I can never ever find ones that fit me well.

2. Pantsuits and rompers — let’s just keep the pants and shirts separate people. If a piece of clothing makes going to the bathroom a hassle, I say no thank you.

3. Crocs — the bane of my existence. Can we please, please, PLEASE move on. They aren’t even that comfortable, and even if they were they are so hideous it’s actually offensive to my eyes. And the fact that they come in bright colors and you can add charms (or flair if you will) to them makes them even worse. Any shoe that you can just hose down does not belong on the streets, it belongs in your garden, where no one has to see it.

disturbing isn't it?

4. Leggings as pants — ok I adore leggings: they come in all different colors, some are dressy, some are casual, some have lace trim, some have buttons, some are short, some are long, and let’s face it, I will take any opportunity I can to wear soft pants in public. But leggings are made for tunics, and long shirts. No one wants to see the outline of your crotch. It’s a little intimate, I don’t care what American Apparel says.

too much crotch

5. Lesbians (or young boys for that matter) with Justin Beiber’s haircut. If you don’t believe that it’s a trend, please see the following:


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Getting Real about my weekend in SF

So it is officially Wednesday which means I am locking down my plans for the weekend. Unfortunately, the boy from last week has not called/texted so I think it is fair to assume my new phone is not broken and I can proceed with my standard girls weekend. (Don’t worry, I am not too upset since I did get a super-swanky dinner at Spruce and unknowingly ordered a super-swanky, er expensive, glass of  sauvignon blanc. I am just pissed that had I known our romance was going to last all of two days I didn’t go balls to the wall and order the beignets with chocolate dipping sauce for dessert. UGH!)

Anyhow, even with a lack of male loving, this weekend is shaping up quite nicely. I got an email this morning that finally the House of Air Trampoline Park is opening on Chrissy field. Basically, for $14 an hour (and $10 for every hour after that you want to test your stomach) you can jump around on 42 conjoined trampolines and ricochet off padded walls. Even though the thought of this kinda makes me nauseous, I am eagerly excited to test it out.

Next up, I will be heading over to Japantown to experience J-POP (not to be confused with the Jersey Shore‘s J-Woww). J-POP is described as sensory overload of everything Japanese popular culture (anime, ridiculous outfits with bedazzled medical masks and pop music).  Katie has already promised to take in the sights with me and buy something inappropriately stereotypical (that’s why we became friends).

Finally, I will be heading over to Davies Symphony to watch my favorite comedian (don’t judge me) Kathy Griffin. Nothing makes me laugh out loud quite like her  ridiculous celebrity trashing and constant mocking of Oprah, Ryan Seacrest and Paris Hilton.

Hope your weekends are shaping up just as nicely 🙂


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Getting Real about Lady Gaga’s burgeoning political power

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) has been a source of anger and confusion for the LGBT community and their allies for about 20 years. Who knew that all it would take to get a vote on repealing the act was a sprinkling of rainbow-colored Gaga glitter?

Apparently, Gaga herself.  Earlier today, on Twitter, she asked her followers to call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and tell him to schedule a vote. So Reid responded, via his campaign’s Twitter account, that he already had. He said that the vote would be next week and that anyone in the United States should have the right to serve.

Move over, Madonna. There’s a new flame diva in the house. Here’s hoping that within the week gays can enjoy their bad romances AND stay on active duty.

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Getting Real about Fashion Week

It’s fashion week in New York people but that doesn’t mean SF isn’t celebrating in our own special way…

"money can't buy you class"

I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl on my way now to Macy’s Union Square where the one and only Countess LuAnn de Lesseps from “The Real Housewives of New York” will be making a special guest appearance tonight!!!!

Who cares what she wears as long as she sings her instant classic “Money Can’t Buy You Class”

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Getting Real about the 9/11 Memorial site

With tomorrow being the anniversary of 9/11 there has been a flurry of media.  The New York Times has posted a brilliant interactive map of the site viewed in time lapse here

The official 9/11 Memorial is on schedule to open next year on September 11th, 2011

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